1988 Buick Skyhawk Engine Used

We may deal in 1988 Buick Skyhawk engines and other 1988 Buick Skyhawk used parts, but that doesn't mean our service isn't green. We put a strong emphasis on being an eco-friendly service, and thus take measures to recycle 1988 Buick Skyhawk parts properly and work to reduce our carbon footprint. We have a very helpful and a very easy-to-use used parts locator. As long as you know the exactly type and year of your 1988 Buick Skyhawk , it will be a simple process to find a top-quality 1988 Buick Skyhawk engine.

1988 Buick Used Engines We keep things going friendly with our site layout and our customer service team. These are just other features of our service to help you have the best possible shopping experience. The price you see listed on our site is the price you'll pay for your 1988 Buick Skyhawk engine, shipping included. Regardless if you're choosing a gas or diesel 1988 Buick Skyhawk motor, new or old, for a car or truck, the shipping price is always included.

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Engine DetailsStock#Price
1988 Buick Skyhawk
(4 Cyl, 121 cid, 2.0L), OHV (VIN 1)¬†Engine (used) 

123K, 4-121 (2.0L, VIN 1) TEST RUN GOOD (Tallahassee, Florida)
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1988 Buick Skyhawk Engine Rebuilt

1988 Buick  Rebuilt Engine We offer a large inventory of 1988 Buick Skyhawk crate engines, fully tested and ready to be installed into your vehicle. Our replacement 1988 Buick Skyhawk engine will out perform your original Buick motor and probably will last longer than a new one. Can we custom build 1988 Buick Skyhawk engine? In many cases, we can. Simply call our sales center and describe your performance needs along with the VIN of your 1988 Buick Skyhawk vehicle and we will check what options available on the specific application.

Get rebuilt and brand new 1988 Buick Skyhawk crate engines at a fraction of the dealer cost! To check pricing and availability, simply call our experienced technician along with your 1988 Buick Skyhawk engine details including engine block casting, crank casting or cylinder head casting. Note the cylinder head casting number is the number that appears on the original engine head and the block casting number is the number that appears on your old 1988 Buick Skyhawk engine block.

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